My teaching evaluations are consistently high with an average overall course rating of 4.12/5 (departmental average 3.71) and individual teaching ability rating of 4.57/5 (department average 4.14) for the most recent academic year. Students note that I am enthusiastic during class time and work hard to make the material interesting, relevant, and challenging in student-led discussions. Students also comment on my willingness to help them outside of class and the engaging ways in which I incorporate interdisciplinary primary sources into class assignments and discussion.  

Excerpts from Student Evaluations, 2011–pres.

Classroom Management

“Small group discussions within the section encouraged more people to speak up; she always had supportive topic prompts”

“The conversation that Carolyn fostered was interesting and really got at the key issues. She would occasionally bring in outside media which really helped maintain attention and interest level. She was always very accessible and easy to talk to”

“She did a great job of integrating various clips and images into the classroom”

“I'm not usually one to like ‘discussion’ but Carolyn structured our section such that it was very comfortable for us to share our thoughts and ideas. She was encouraging with student responses. I did like it when she split us into groups and gave us a question to investigate. This is a great way to motivate students”

“She brought in real world examples and interesting film clips which added to the experience”

“It felt like a safe environment to share thoughts and insights about the material”

“[Twomey’s class] promoted student discussion in a variety of different ways-through debates, group discussion, and group presentation work. Also it reviewed the course materials and homework reading further in a detailed way that really tied the whole week's material together”

“The discussion aspect let the students be ‘in the driver's seat’ and allowed ideas to be bounced off each other which helped in the overall understanding of the subject matter”



“Twomey was engaging and enthusiastic, she carried discussion well and was always available for meaningful help outside class”

“She was always reachable over email and wanted to help. I REALLY enjoyed the MFA assignment”

“She always connected with all of us on an academic and personal level and made discussion very fun”

“I liked her idea of incorporating social media into class discussions”

“The strength [of this course] was professor Twomey. She made the class interesting, fun, and informative. I really enjoyed her as a teacher and as support. She was always available to help in any facet and is simply the best I have had at Boston College”

“Carolyn is the main strength of this discussion section. She is always so kind, helpful, and intelligent. She is always quick to respond to emails, happy to help clarify anything we are confused on, and is really accommodating. Carolyn brought life to an 8 AM discussion section—which is something extremely hard to do—and makes it clear how much she cares about the subject and us doing well”



“Carolyn is excellent and cares a lot about her students and being stimulated to THINK”

“I felt like I left every meeting with a solidified plan on how I was going to go about writing my essay”

“I have never been fond of history but this course was very interesting in comparison to other history classes I have taken. It also improves your writing skills specifically compare/contrasts arguments”

“Amazing teacher. So kind and outgoing. Made me love history”

“She is enthusiastic, knowledgeable, patient, and really great at making sure the history we learn becomes a narrative in our mental timeline of events”

“The discussions encouraged you to participate, forcing you to think critically about the current material”