Resources for Educators

online resources for creating assignments, syllabi, exams, lectures, and discussion questions

Teaching the Middle Ages in Higher Ed - A series of interactive assignments crowd-sourced from medieval syllabi 

Medieval Europe Online - Online companion to Judith M. Bennett's Medieval Europe: A Short History and provider of great resources like timelines, maps, bibliographies, and links to medieval news stories

The Animated Bayeux Tapestry - Follow the story of the 1066 invasion through the famous embroidery now on youtube

A Short History of the Middle Ages - Barbara Rosenwein's online textbook companion with study questions, genealogies, and glossaries

Schoenberg Institute Manuscript Series - Flip through Penn's collection of medieval manuscripts with curators & scholars on youtube

International Medieval Bibliography - Bibliographic resource for medieval and early modern studies (subscription required)

Medieval primary sources


Early Medieval Texts - Alphabetical list with links to translations of key early medieval authors & texts c. 300 - c.800

The Internet Medieval Sourcebook - Archived collection of texts  in translation from late antiquity to the Reformation 

TEAMS Middle English Texts Online -Textual editions of Middle English texts geared toward students

The Labyrinth - Collection of texts, resources, websites, & introductions to medieval historical topics & themes

Perseus Latin Dictionary - Online Lewis & Short Latin dictionary and facing-page translations of classical texts


Index of Christian Art - Online visual database of medieval art & architecture (subscription required) 

BM Medieval Objects - Rooms 40 and 41 (c. 300 - 1500) at the British Museum, London, with high-res images

Anglo-Saxon Churches - Database of all churches containing Anglo-Saxon architecture from Harold Taylor's 3-volume series

Medieval Object Lessons - A digital project of medieval material culture & 3D scanning at Harvard University (currently in beta)

Staffordshire Hoard - Educational website dedicated to the display and conservation of 7th - 8th c. gold and silver Anglo-Saxon objects found in 2009

The Digital Pilgrim Project - the British Museum's ongoing database of 3D models of medieval pilgrims' badges & souvenirs

Sample Assignments (3)

How to Analyze Visual and Material Culture 

As a first step to using material culture as historical evidence, this assignment challenges students in my advanced and core courses to interrogate a single object or visual image from the past using a series of analytical questions. After this initial exploration, students have gathered enough data and questions about their object to begin research using secondary sources for a paper assignment or a collaborative online exhibition assignment.



In addition to personalized comments on individual essay drafts, I distributed this essay prompt & general writing guide to my Fall 2015 Atlantic Worlds students for their first short (4-5 pages) paper assignment. This guide helped stave off common mistakes in the first paper of the term and also yielded better papers for the second writing assignment, which was a longer paper (6-8 pages) weighted more heavily in their overall course grade. 


Material History Online Exhibition

Students in my introductory core courses (both premodern and modern history of the Atlantic World) work in groups to create a class website on the role of individual objects in history.